Ang Moh Cooks Malaysian

Welcome to Ang Moh Cooks Malaysian, where I, a simple Ang Moh, attempt to recreate my favourite Malaysian dishes using the ingredients available to me here in the UK. I'll be sharing my attempts with you, as well as the recipes I develop while testing various foodstuffs on my wife and friends.

Cooking with standard home kitchen equipment and, where possible, ingredients available in most bigger supermarkets or asian supermarkets in the UK, I'm aiming to cover the whole spectrum of Malaysian cuisine; from home cooking, through hawker dishes to restaurant fare. If I've eaten it and I've enjoyed it (or if my wife demands it), I'll be trying to replicate it.

I'm also wanting to create a resource for anyone that wants to be able to cook tasty asian food at home using whatever ingredients are available in your area. This will include such information as alternatives for certain difficult-to-buy ingredients, reviews of popular supermarket 'fresh' noodles, and general cooking techniques. Remember, my recipies are not authentic Malaysian, they are just my attempts at creating similar dishes, so I apologise in advance if any Malaysians feel that I have ruined a particular dish.

Selemat Datang!

Latest Malaysian Recipes


Koey Teow Th'ng is a type of noodle soup using a flat rice noodle, and is one of my favourite breakfast meals in Malaysia. Usually sold as a simple dish of broth and noodles with varying amounts of garnishings, it is nevertheless packed with flavour and a great way to start the day.


Penang Assam Laksa is a fishy, sour, spicy noodle soup, and is probably the dish that has had the most impact on my cooking experience. It's also the first Malaysian dish that I expected to really dislike. The mix of oily fish, sour tamarind, pineapple and hot chilli was not something my western sensibilities were looking forward to when we first went out to eat it. I was so wrong!