Mee Siam is one of several Malaysian dishes that I initially ate in the UK, instead of being introduced to it by friends and family in Penang. In this case I first tried it at C&R Cafe in Chinatown in London, having been tempted by it's description in the menu, and also having no objection from my wife! At it's core, it's a dish of fried bee hoon (vermicelli) with a flavour paste and various toppings. But it can be so tasty!


Noodles are one of the pillars of Malaysian cuisine. They're used in many dishes in many ways; from dry fried noodles, to soups, and even desserts (because Cendol is totally a noodle, right?). Fresh noodles always give best results, and in Malaysia they're available everywhere.


Koey Teow Th'ng is a type of noodle soup using a flat rice noodle, and is one of my favourite breakfast meals in Malaysia. Usually sold as a simple dish of broth and noodles with varying amounts of garnishings, it is nevertheless packed with flavour and a great way to start the day.


Penang Assam Laksa is a fishy, sour, spicy noodle soup, and is probably the dish that has had the most impact on my cooking experience. It's also the first Malaysian dish that I expected to really dislike. The mix of oily fish, sour tamarind, pineapple and hot chilli was not something my western sensibilities were looking forward to when we first went out to eat it. I was so wrong!