Ayam Masak Merah literally translates to chicken in red sauce, and is a comforting but flavourful dish, usually either cooked at home to satisfy the hungry mob, or bought as a dish with other items from Malay rice hawkers.


Soya bean milk, also known in Malaysia as tau chui, susu soya or air tauhu, is a popular drink in the hawker culture, regularly available alongside the various dishes on offer at Malaysian Chinese stalls.


A tasty, welcoming and homely dish, Tau Yew Bak has the honour of being part of the first meal I ever ate in Malaysia, mere hours after landing at Penang Airport. However I have very little recollection of it!


A snack sold at roadside hawker stalls throughout Malaysia, Cekodok at it's simplest is a traditional fritter which can be made with a variety of ingredients. It's basically the Malaysian alternative to banana bread - what you make when you have too many old bananas to use up!